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#385343 - Once she was done with the hard part, getting the meat on her stick Lina was ready to start covering her lovely meat with sauce and grabbed a big bowl of barbeque sauce that the bandits were using on the two former lovely ladies who were now to burned to be recognizable as once being lovely ladies their meat obviously ruined, Lina moved into Naga's line of sight and looked into her eye's, Your right meat is just to expensive now I will have a nice feast tonight, you insulted me one time to many she said as she released Naga’s arms and legs from the restraints and tied her arms behind her back and then tied her legs to the spit. It was not easy for Naga to figure it out, she knew she was naked, chained to a table, extreme pain between her legs that was slowly traveling up though her body, taking a look to the left side of the clearing they were in Naga saw the two young girls still roasting over the fire with their meat burning and was partly mystified to see a new third

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