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#331697 - When ever her mother brought up the subject, it always ended the same, with Rachel running to her room and slamming the door, which effectively ended the conversation! Having just turned eighteen, Rachel did have an interest in boys, it was just that she wasn't interested in any of the ones her parents deemed appropriate for her. What is good for the goose, is not always good for the gander! John and Catherine Smith, a very religious couple, had a small farm about three miles outside of Kirkville, Virginia where they were raising their three children in the traditional puritan upbringing. The only one she had ever met that made her tummy tie up in knots was Robert Walker, the son of divorced parents! That was enough to make him almost an outcast, and surely put him out of bounds as far as marriage was concerned, but Rachel didn't care, Bobby was who she wanted, and Bobby was going to be who she would get!!! For over a year now they had been meeting at the far end of the pas

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