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#412508 - This went on for a bit as then her legs parted wide ass open and then and there her legs raised putting her feet right up on the sofa! Her ass moving to the edge and there and then we saw the same damn wild looking fingers maneuvering her pant material right between her damn legs and all over her pussy as she had her head flung back and really crying out moans as then and there her juices wet her whole cuntal mound through her panties, through her jeans, and soaked the seat of the sofa!! This went on a bit longer then as sudden as it had began it stopped and my wife dropped her head; Down and her feet came off the edge of the sofa and she shifted back further up on it just sitting there wide eyed as she could be her pupils dilated way to hell out. And was gone some time leaving me to explore this room and walked over this hand carved table looking at all the carvings of symbols and wild looking demonic creatures and all sorts of strange phallic looking carvings

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