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#198404 - Before long he could hear the bed banging against the wall and the muffled screams of his only child. An idea formed in his mind as he felt his climax approaching, looking back at the screen the girl was now riding the older man furiously, she screamed “Oh daddy I'm cumming” and those words pushed Jeff over the edge and he shot his cum under the desk, spraying the underside of the wood with his sperm Sitting back in his chair panting slightly he picked up the wet wipes nearby and started to clean up, first himself, then his desk, throwing the used wipes in the bin as he leaned back and ran his plan through his mind. A typical teenage girls bedroom greeted him, she may be 19 but she was refusing to let go of her childhood, the walls were pink, the furniture was pink, the bedsheets, all pink, and a pile of stuffed toys in the corner of the room, also mostly pink.

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