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#397237 - After the first fitful uniform quandary they along with the two other squads are told to be standing tall at 0400 the following morning dressed and ready for the start of their arduous physical training! Physical agility to the limit, obstacle course, deep water training hand to hand combat training, small arms automatic weapon explosives capture of enemy prisoners and being captured and taken hostage as enemy combatants! Along with special ops night vision training will be the order of the day and for the next 8 weeks! The training for royal marines and Naval officers is normally a 32 week or more affair, but has been cut short in order to expedite the rescue of this family that has fallen into the hands of Somali pirates! As the powers that be want their rescue to be by women trained as special SAS agents for this specific and very dangerous mission! After awakening early and chow at the mess hall all four seem to be ready! Their training officers and drill instructors are all

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