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#320868 - I started to fuck him gently moving back & forth grabbing his ass cheeks with my both hands, He was moaning a little, but it was nice for him, I asked him , Dani are ok ? He answered with no hesitation, Ben fuck me more more please, I did what I was ordered to do with pleasure, then I could not stand it any more I ejaculated in his ass filling him with my Sperms, He then gave a shout of pleasure, After that I realized that he is erected as hell, His cock looked so beautiful and delicious, I was ready to eat it, I took his cock in my mouth and sucked moving forth until all of his thing was in my mouth I nearly wanted to bit it off, I had my fingers plying with his balls, then I was sucking his cock with all my feelings concentrated at the thing that I was sucking, I did not want this to end so I asked him try his best to delay his shooting, He tried his best I could tell, but I had to have his come into my mouth, So at the end I got what I wanted badly, he came into

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So damn hot
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I wanna to try this