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#6294 - What's wrong sis you okay It's so big I'm gonna have fun with this nut first u have to eat me out She sits on the bed and I think to my self I'm gonna tease her so I get on my knees and starts sucking her thigh as I get closer she is moaning Shh do you want everyone else to walk in on us My room is soundproof now lick my pussy I get very close to her pussy and then go to the other thigh OMG Alex please lick me I see her swollen clit then I immediately start to suck on it gently while licking it OMG Alex that feels so good I'm gonna cum I suck harder while with my left hand I start doing the Come Here motion pushing on her G spot and with my right hand and slowly stick my index finger in her ass O YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS IM CUMMMMMMMMING She didn't tell me she was a squirter and she tasted like strawberry's I suck on her clit a bit harder while I poke her cervix with my two fingers HOLY SHIT O YES O

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