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#19925 - ” He took a deep breathe, “And you promise not to tell mom if I do this?” Joanna giggled again and patted his shoulder affectionately, “Of course I promise!” He smiled a tiny bit in relief, “I bet she won't be satisfied with one blowjob anyway…” Casey opened his mouth to protest, but his sister shushed him, “Come on, I’ve been up here for long enough, she’ll be getting suspicious!” “Okay, okay, is there anything else I should know?” He asked, his heart hammering in his chest. Whimpering in surprise he leaned up but felt her hand once again on the back of his head, pushing him back down, “Shh shh shh, keep sucking my cock baby, let me do my thing, it’s just so fucking hot…” Shahira purred, biting her lip as she slid her finger in and out of his virgin star, just up to the first knuckle, but enough to make him squirm. ” She teased, her hand squeezing his soft ass with such force he whimpered around her impressive girth.

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I want a family like this