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#312180 - It was cold out I liked it sometimes I don't know why I just do I walked past the park and saw a couple makingout on the bench to my right as I kept walking I passed the abandoned house that drunks usually stayed In I knew this walk by heart I could do it with my eyes closed I go on walks to much it just reminds me of what a mess my life is. He was drunk and had hit me so I ran  what is your name?  hailey  that's a pretty name do you have a place to stay? I can walk to my house it's about five or six miles from here  would you like me to walk you home? It's pretty dark we can go to my place and grab flash lights  if you don't mind I dont want to be a bother  of course not come on it's only a little over a mile ok she said as we began walking off to my house. What about you?  I'm fourteen she smiled I'm only a year ahead of you sevie well that changes everything I said grabbing her hand  W

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