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#359439 - Story: Early one summer Saturday morning, after five hard work days, a physically fit black father (nearly 40) awakens, holds towel around waist as walks down hall to bathroom, when 18 year old white daughter sleepily stumbles from her bedroom, holding towel around her blossoming body (she'd been out until after midnight, partying with friends, new to covertly indulging in alcohol socially). Since her innocent face indecently an inch of Pa-pa’s impressive prick, dazed daughter's dainty digits delicately drift along adored dark dong, as decadent dreams dawn as about to come true; draws half-mast heads dubiously closer; resulting in each awakening to rise for first kissing contact, as continuing to increase incline cock lifts lass’s upper ooh-aahing lip; next nudging nymphet’s nose (she smells master-of-home's manly aroma), for instant guy’s ‘one-eye’ to teen’s two (cross-eyed, too close) stare, then plumping penis points past navel on nearby man-of-her-dreams bare b

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