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#193874 - I saw them both look and smile, Alf was first to move, his cock in hand, shot loads of hot piss over Pauline, I too went down next to her and took some, Geoff now seemed to catch on, his cock squirted a bit of pee, then he looked embarrassed, so I sucked his cock in, Pauline said go on I was shocked, his stream was hot and strong, I moved my mouth of and aimed his cock at Pauline, we were now both soaked in piss, as he slowed, then Pauline stood over me, and let loose, as she did I pulled her down onto my cock filling her pussy slowed the flow, but it felt good. Pauline saw my cock and sucked it in, again my sister had 3 cocks in her, and she was going strong, I rode Alf fist, Pauline stayed with me, bobbing up and down as I went further on his fist, then as always, my balls stirred, cum flowed and Alf and Pauline wore it all, reams of white cum shot out, flooding them both as Pauline tried to swallow what she could. I held her up, then sucked all the cum from her butt,

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