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#213012 - All the windows in the school are smashed from the wind the sandpit is nothing but mud, Good thing Willie has picked up more sand just enough to refill the sandpit. Chief Wiggum: Hello anyone inside? Willie: Just a minute (quietly near the bathroom door Lisa Chief Wiggum is outside tha door are you dressed) Lisa: Yes Willie I am be right with you Willie walks to the door and opens it Chief Wiggum: Willie what are you doing here and who’s RV is this? Willie: Och Chief Wiggum tha belongs to Ned Flanders he lent it to me to go into town to get supplies for the school since my trook isn’t big enough Lisa exits the bathroom and heads towards the door Chief Wiggum: Who is in there with you Willie? Willie : Lisa Simpson Wiggum: Lisa? Willie: Yes Lisa when I was in Capitol City I ran into her (Literally) she was lost in Little Haiti. Homer : MARGE Marge: Yes Homie Homer: Lisa is safe and she will be home soon Marge: Oh Homie that’s great news I was so worried abou

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