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#158792 - again she was trying to act decent but she could not cover up in a lady like manner, not enough material. She had stated that she had a young persian friend age 24, she would give blow jobs too in his car, just blow jobs, she confessed that she had fantasies of interludes with very young buffed white guy's age 18-24, she had daughters that age, she is age 48, looks a lot younger. I started notice that her pelvic area started to girate and she would meet his sexual prodding, her vagina started to meet at the apex of his touch, then her soft shy moaning began, again she is still on her stomach, at this point I stated that I would go to the bathroom so they can have some private time, her moans became louder and louder, after about 10 minutes I returned, what a sight Kui now was on her back, he was licking finger fucking her pussy, and she said that he wanted her to stroke his cock, which she was, he still had the speedo somewhat on, again a beautiful sight,she had lost her shyness

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