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#287593 - He picked up a large steel spit This is the spit that will come with your Spartan Spitter, its a full 8 feet long and 3 inches thick, we make them thick for two reasons, thickness means strength this spit will not bend, buckle of break under any weight, the second reason is the thicker the spit the more pleasure it will give your meat-girl Ron said as he held up the spit for all to see and placed it down on the counter its also guaranteed to stay sharp for ever, you never have to sharpen this spit!!, we will replace it if it ever gets broken, dull or damaged even if its your fault He added. Joan then went to get a spit, locking it into the back of the Spartan Spitter and placing the sharp tip into Anna's pussy, OK dad she is ready to go Joan called out to her father as he gave the signal to hit the kill switch, Joan hit the switch and sat down to watch the spit do its job along with their father Ron and the whole audience The spit was moving fast through her cervix an

Read Footjob (C92) [Takatakaya (Kaniyashiku)] Koishiki (THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS)​ [Chinese] [Lolipoi汉化组] - The idolmaster Bra Koishiki​

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