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#43285 - This time without being asked, she reached down and slipped off her white lace panties, exposing a huge vee of brown and gray pubic hair that caused Tommy to make an audible gulp that made Emma smile! She's getting into it, thought Tommy, while his pecker making a tent in his pants, can you lay back down on the pillows and spread your legs, he asked her, while exchanging cameras, having run out of film in the first one. Tommy was a little taken back when he saw what Emma had hidden under her skirt, instead of the usual panty hose, Emma wore a garter belt, hose, and very sexy over sized bikini panties! Even though she had a round paunchy belly, the sight of an older grand motherly type, dressed in lingerie deemed more appropriate for a twenty year old was unbelievably erotic, and although he was working, Tommy couldn't have stopped getting and erection even if he had wanted to! You really came ready to work, commented Tommy, as he clicked away, his auto advance buzzi

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Shounagon sei
Damn that is soooo hot beautifukl body
I made an account just to say that looks like the best foot massage ever