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#233781 - ) They don't shrink afterwards (Snowwhite) You always have them with you You can chew on them when you are nervous (Snowwhite) You can use more than 1 at a time They are agile They'll never leave you (Snowwhite) You don't have to make your fingers coffee in the morning (Gideon) You can also use them to clean the wax out of your ears (Gideon) They want to when you want to They don't take up half the bed at night They are easy to clean If the ones you are using get tired, you can switch to some of the others They don't demand acrobatics in bed They don't want to try out stuff they heard from friends You can use them to try out stuff *you* heard from friends without worrying about it going horribly wrong They don't look worried when *you* want acrobatics in bed Your fingers don't give you bite-marks (Addition: unless you *like* bite-marks) You can share them with a friend Fingers don't cheat on you Fingers don't have hi

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