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#335384 - Marcy can you get him 600 milligrams of ibuprofen and order X-Ray's for both arms Yes ma'am The nurse walked out So hockey did this? The doctor asked examining my arm No a 225 pound guy named Dimitri did Really? I dunno if his name is Dimitri but he's huge none the less The nurse walked in Head backshe said dumping the meds in my mouth then giving me water to flush them down. Were going to have a lot of fun Jason she said sexily, she rolled out of my bed and walked over to my dresser and grabbed my car keys get some sleep Jason she smiled because I expect you to be ready for me to fuck you stupid when I get back little brother! She opened the door letting the dim light of the kitchen shine in I will Farrah please dont wreck my car Oh I won't she smiled closing my door Thank you for reading, please leave a comment and rate, all input is good input I need it to make my self a better writer and to know if I sho

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