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#140432 - The third Orc says You know were very mad at you, there were four of us Orcs but because of you were down to three but after we gangrape the shit out of you and you squeeze out a few Orc babies well call it even . He smiles and says My plan worked perfectly, even if you gave birth to a Human girl I would have captured you and dropped off the baby at Taimanin HQ where she'd be raised and trained as Taimanin just like her Mother . Rikimarue says But he's an Orc! you want to keep him? Ayame says Yes he's my Son, listen Rikimarue thank you for rescuing me and my Son but I need a favor from you, everyone thinks I'm dead and I want to keep it that way .

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Tiona hiryute
Damn she s the mvp everything i aspire to be as a cock sucker