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#267380 - Sweet Susanna I was having dinner when the phone rang, “Do you still want to see me eat a pussy?” the sexy voice on the other end said. The sound of a zipper being pulled down echoed through the car as if it was on some kind of an amplifier system and I looked back in time to see Susanna pulling down the tight jeans of Gabby, her mouth wasted no time in finding the slit of Gabby’s pussy even though the jeans was only half way down, I pulled over to the side of the road and even with cars passing close to us, Susanna wickedly continued to lick at Gabby’s wet pussy. She didn’t allow a single drop of Gabby’s cum to go wasted as she licked and sucked every drop into her wicked hungry mouth.

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Non manaka
I loved the peace signs
Nene romanova
Id love to stuff my cock down your throat so sexy