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#362849 - Drake, she said in an upbeat voice, anything special on the agenda for today!?! Cord Drake took the coffee from her out stretched hand and replied, Nothing on the horizon, Monica, but I am expecting a call from our man in Tokyo, so put it straight through when it comes in, okay!?! Certainly, Mr. Drake?!? He gazed at her with almost glazed eyes and simply replied, Lock it!!! Monica dropped her pad on his desk as she walked around to where he was seated and asked, Do you need a little tension reliever, boss!?! That would be just great, Monica, he said with a sigh, it's been a long fucking day!!! Would you like to be dominated, she asked in barely a whisper?!? I've been giving orders all day, he replied, why don't you take over for a while, okay!?! That suits me just fine, she answered quickly, as she began undoing her blouse, first off, let's get out of these clothes, shall we?!? Cord Drake nearly tore his things off, leaving himself stark

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