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#315540 - I came straight away and kept going slow enjoying the feeling then stiffened again and picked up the pace and only about two minutes later came again, Pam was amazed, shaking her head and laughing exclaiming “you boys sure don’t take long to recover” then held me still as I started to soften in her warm embrace until Ben arrived, I quickly pulled up my shorts and Pam headed for the bedroom. She quickly dragged me into the bathroom and pulled my shorts and underwear down while running warm water over a wash cloth, I stepped out of them as she kneeled on one knee in front of me taking my semi soft dick in her hand and washing the cum from my groin. My face glowed bright red with embarrassment as she stared in shock at the spreading wet spot but she then started apologising profusely before grabbing me by the hand saying “we better get this cleaned up before the others arrive home”.

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Relena peacecraft
Id love to look into those eyes and cum in that pussy at the same time
Mint aizawa
I would have spit roasted you hot