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#103904 - “Not really, but she’s a good looker, I wouldn’t don a mate anyway!” “Don a mate, haven’t heard of that before!” “Steal his girl! Are you doing anything the weekend?” “I don’t think so, what do you have in mind?” “Thought we might go down to the coast, that’s of course if it’s nice!” “Sounds good, I’d like that!” After David had left, I hurried around as to get the evening meal ready, I knew that Rodney was coming for a meal and I’d left myself with little time. “We’ll just have to be careful; that’s all. Think yourself lucky it was I that took you’re virginity and not him! Make sure you get plenty of foreplay; you’ll need it.

Read Cum Inside Shikoshiko Reimu - Touhou project Small Boobs Shikoshiko Reimu

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