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#17561 - ” She said as she pulled away from his kiss, she bent over before him placing her hands up against the wall revealing the beautiful shape of her ass to him, she parted her legs giving him full access to her cunt, he knelt down and placed his hands on each cheek , he spread them so he could see the star of her hole, he gave it a few quick licks causing her to moan in pleasure, he then moved his mouth to her wet glistening pussy that was well open for him, he thrust his mouth right over her lips consuming them, he sucked on the hard even nipping them with his teeth from time to time, he parted his lips from hers and extended his tongue, he licked right around the diameter of her inner labia making sure to catch her clit as he passed it, every so often he would thrust his tongue into her hole getting a collection of fresh pussy juice. “Mum if you keep doing that I’m gonna cum. Sue still remained on the floor of the kitchen, shock still filled her as she shook uncontrollably, she sti

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Ikki tenryou
She s perfect
I will be very glad when you achieve all your goals good luck in your endeavors