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#170660 - She didn't even try to resist as she knew if had no point I throw her on my bed and look at her as she stared at me with fear waiting for my next move . After what felt like hours but It most have been a few minutes I started to build up my orgasm I held her head still and looked down at her I'm gonna cum and you are gonna swallow it ! And get used to the taste it won't be the last time you will on your knees for me !  I moaned out as she looked at me with the realization that I would do this again to her I started to erupt I came the most I had done in years almost a endless load of seed streamed down her troath directly into her stomach When I finally stopped cumming I pulled out of her mouth and stood above her as she fell to the ground coughing and crying don't cry Lisa this is only the beginning! I say laughing as I take her by her arms and start to drag her across the floor into my room . I smiled and wanted to enjoy myself with her and maybe even test her limits so I

Read Throat Hilda-san ni Hidoi Koto o Shite Mita. - Beelzebub Hood Hilda-san ni Hidoi Koto o Shite Mita.

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Oda nobunaga
Thanks babe xx
Danichirou sanka
I love how she dominates him slapping him etc hot