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#149464 - we had the usual welcome to the school assembly, where the deputy head introduced her then she gave a long winded speech about her role in our education, anyway to cut a long story short. she asked me if i wanted to do her, i told her yes, she said we could sixty nine, and that i should insert my tounge in her vagina, but if she did that i may lose my cherry, i told her please break my virginity, she pulled me down the bed and knelt over me, she lost no time in opening and licking me, i stuck my tounge in her slit and wow was this nice, something i must teach my girlfriends, i licked her clit just like she had mine, inserted my tounge in her vagina, even licked toward her asshole, her tounge now found the entrance to my vagina, and very slowly, inched its way, inside till it came to the barrier, her hands found mine and she clasped my hands in hers then, pushed, her tounge seemed to swell in size, then with a foward motion it ripped, just a little twinge of pain, then sheer bliss,

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