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#38049 - “Sure what the hell, I could use the money” I said “Great, so we will be gone the whole weekend” she said “Oh and don’t forget to make sure she has a bath before she goes to bed!” she said calling out the door Right when she said that I perked up a lot, I have seen her naked many times, but actually being able to bathe her and wash her small innocent pussy made me really horny. “Angie” I said, “shouldn’t you get into your bath now, it’s getting late” “Okay!” she squealed happily, and went off to the bathroom. So I spread her legs and tease her lips with my cock, I see her shudder but she is smiling so I suppose she likes it, so I insert it very roughly, breaking her hymen on the way “AHHHHH!!” she cried in pain, and started to cry really hard We lay there for about 10 minutes and soon enough she stops crying, so I continue.

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Megumi natsume
Mi piace il tuo culo emanuelly mi piaci tutta sei tutta bella ti amo emanuelly
Hifumi izanami
The pleasure seems real