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#185555 - At this time I was traveling around the country for my job and was going text from her crying about him so I text her back and said fuck him if he doesn't want your pussy I'll come see you when I get back from newyork and lick the lips off of it. She looked at me and said yes it was and do you know why ? Cause I have always wanted a man to take my pussy and fuck me like a whore. I set it on the trunk and as soon as she grabbed for it I pushed her against the car and bent her over held her down and said there is what you want now I'm going to get what I want!!!! I grabbed her pants and pulled them down to her ankles took my knee and spread her legs apart.

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Kei tsuzuki
Need a name for her
Klan klan | klan klang
Wow lot of spit lot of juice i love this