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#388273 - (I replied) “Jan’s a natural Jim, I reckon if she passes the next stage we could have even a bigger party tomorrow night, how about you, are you up for it or do you want to wait for another weekend after you talk to Jan when you go home?”, “Yes she certainly enjoyed herself thus far, I guess if she doesn’t come running back from Sally, we should go in and do a little boy thing or two and then I can ask her in the morning” (I replied) “Is that too late to organise anything?”. “Are you all right Jim?” she asked whilst still sliding up and down the pole in her pussy, “I thought you wanted me to suck you off” I replied, “You are doing just fine Honey, don’t worry about me, just enjoy yourself I certainly intend to. Peter pulled out of Mary and slowly opened her ass before sliding his cock on in to the fullest of depth, by now I was so excited and was close to orgasm so I pushed Sue away, stood up and whispered into Peters ear to sit down so that I could take Mary from the front, we qu

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Hello nice vid very hot
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Damn who is she