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#323074 - Sue shook though a nice orgasm with me telling her that, then she said shyly, that she would like to try it, but carefully, I gave her the poppers and told her to take a good sniff, as I put lube on my cock, she didn't tell Rick, he was too busy playing with the girls boobs and fannies, my cock touched her butt lips, she moved forward, but I held her waist and eased in, Sue grunted fairly loudly, getting the attention of the others, one good push 5 inches or so went in, She really jumped then, but held firm, that was all I needed my cock balls deep, causing her to squeal. We sat talking while Gretchen had her shower, Lou told us there plans to travel around, and then go to the USA where Gretchen was from, finally she came out, looking so happy, we gave her a towel and she dried off, then sat next to Lou, I then asked them what they wanted to drink, Gretchen said tea, so leaning up and slightly over her, my cock now just inches from her face, I said excuse me, and got the tea bag

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Cure egret
Had a gf who just did this to me out of the blue i had no idea she would even consider it it was amazing god i miss her
Mami tomoe
Why dont i have such girls in my chemistry class oh right because they would fail harder than the chernobyl safety protokols