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#383665 - This time I did start to go soft and pulled out, Ms. I looked at the small silver packet and my heart was pounding with anticipation as I watched my naked ex teacher lay back on the bed on her back before sitting up, her breasts hanging slightly in front of my eyes as she sexily reached out and took the packet off me ripping it open she pulled the yellow condom out and smiled as she looked at my still hard cock. I should tell you about her, well Clancy McMillan was her name, she had a mixed brown and red hair that was quite short, it didn’t go to her shoulders but that just made her look sexier in my young eyes, she I assume was around 25 or 26, she looked it anyway and her best feature was defiantly her body, the curve of her hips and that ass well it set my life long love of asses and legs, I used to make sure I could see it most of the class, the way she would sway as she walked drove me wild.

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