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#227503 - her hands are on my neck, in my hair, slowly entering my buttoned shirt, while I massage her back through her dress, I slowly begin to kiss her neck, concentrate my effort on the zone between her neck and shoulder, she gives a shudder, I start to descend towards her breasts, she begins to moan silently, her hands on the back of my head, raveling my hair, I can hear her breath quicken, and I slowly reveal the two globes that I had dreamed of more than once, and then maybe because I was a little buzzed by the wine I said with a smile, looking right at her eyes, they're bigger then on TV, she laughs with a smile and reply, childbirth has its advantages, to which I reply - definitely! and begin to kiss, lick, massage and bite every inch of them, starting on the outskirts of one ,with her moaning like a music box, the nipples which I suck like a starved baby. k. No response at all.

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