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#365570 - “Stupid ass landlord wants more money out of our pocket” he replied stacking the four I had on top of the three. I drank her deeply and hungrily then after a hefty fill I looked into her rain soaked face and she was dizzy with lust and exhaustion but still she kept on for another forty-five minutes then we went back up to the barn and after toweling off I sat with mine wrapped around my waist my hardness now limp and empty hanging loosely under my towel she was standing in front of me wrapping herself up and I leaned down and kissed her left thigh and she moaned lightly and came down into my lap kissing me fully hands pushing my towel up to my waist and taking my limpness she pumped it slowly and I moaned as she nibbled on my left earlobe. “Why sure my dear lunger lover” she said smiling tenderly but with mild irritation in her eyes.

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