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#305123 - “Did I make myself clear?” The boy was now in disbelief, the girl could fake being powerful and full of herself yet her voice gave her away, her voice was what made him see who she was, An angel like young lady with the needs and desire of a devil on heat, A sweet innocent child who has just tasted candy and is starving for more of that sugary substance. He felt chills all over his body as she looked at every part of his naked chest and feeling thankful that that was the only part of him showing, as she devoured the delicious-looking creature with her eyes. The male beneath her gasped contentedly as he was in full view of his mistress’ sacred entrance which was covered by a black leathered thong, as he looked down her body through the now flowing open red baby-doll he could see that her teen-bulged breasts were also covered in a thin lining of black leather.

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