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#350795 - Garry arrived on time and he looked stunning , I have never seen him with out his uniform on, he was very distinguished and he had the most nicest cologne on I have ever smelt, I asked him what it was called ?? he said Sex potion for old blokes hahaha we both had a laugh. Garry = Well Kristy let me show you, Garry then proceeds to stand up and unbutton his trousers and drop them to the floor, I was just shocked that he was doing this in front of me, there he was standing in his Calvin Kline undies in my house at my dinner table, Garry = Well Kristy would you like to see my cock and judge for yourself or shall I put him away, I did not know what to say, there was a moment silence and I don't know whether it was my conscience or hornyness but I had to see for myself Kristy = I said SHOW ME, then down came the undies, WOW I could not believe what I was seeing, Garry's Cock was amazing it was one of the biggest I have ever seen in real life and only the seco

Read Bribe Nure Usagi no Hatsujou Kango - Touhou project Free Fucking Nure Usagi no Hatsujou Kango

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Mmmm she has a great ass
Rohan kishibe
Go and watch my best blowjob w cum on mouth
Saito hiraga
Great fap material
Daichi sawamura
She looks like my high school english teacher wtf
Loved it guys xx it s reality role play for anyone mouthing off