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#135410 - He had left her, purple collar on the floor along with what few belongings she owned. Oh how it hurt, now she was just trying to hold it, but as her cage was opened with all of these strange males looking at her bare bottom, and it was sticking up so inviting, her master gave it a hard whack with his hand, and this was all it took, the pee at first squirted straight out with such force that hit him right in the face. This collar was the only thing she had been given as a young pet, and was one of her very favorite possessions! She hesitated, and just could not believe he would leave these things behind a tear ran down her face as she was lead out, down the aisle, and into the parking lot.

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Amana osaki
He was born in 1998
Lily hoshikawa
I cannot get enough of your hentais they are so hot
Laura bodewig
That reverse cowgirl scene i hope they not censored kt