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#69243 - Emma then slipped her other hand into my boxers and started to fondle my shaven balls, I asked her if she was belived I was clean shaven now and she looked into my eyes and said oh yes and it’s a lovely big cock to, she was still wanking me and I was fully erect by this time. I noticed her clit and one of her piss flaps were pierced which did not surprise me, Emma fucked me hard but she just could not get all my cock up her tight cunt so I took hold of her shoulders and started to push her down on to my cock impaling her fully onto it, she moaned in pain and pleasure as I felt the tip of my cock enter her cervix and then she started to cum, her orgasm was a real strong one and the juices spat out of her pussy coating my cock and balls and running between my legs as I fucked up into her as hard as I could, this was not love making it was pure hard sex and Emma was climaxing constantly as I fucked her, we changed position and I got to do her doggy style with me out side the car and

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Medaka kurokami
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