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#381933 - I’m sorry if that’s not your thing Jim, but I like both sides of the fence, I hope you can accept that as I ‘m really keen to see Jan again. Jim asked if John & Nick partied to gather often and if they played together of only doubled up on the women, Nick was hesitant to answer, questioning why this was important, but Jim advised that he needed an honest answer if Nick wanted to have another shot at his wife. Whilst the girls calmed down in the post orgasmic bliss, Jim picked up the KY Gel & squirted a liberal amount to Sally’s back side using two fingers to lubricate her arse hole opening and stretching it open, he then rubbed some on his cock before sliding on in, Jims gentle entry brought both girls back to reality & it wasn’t long before they were all moving again.

Read Fucked Kasshoku Seirei | The Dark Spirit - Original Forbidden Kasshoku Seirei | The Dark Spirit

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