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#287013 - “Oh my god Laura, suck that dick baby” And I moaned, I couldn’t believe it but I was about to blow my load, I never had someone make me cum just with her mouth, but Laura was going to, I think it was the situation I was in. I felt like soaking in the hot tub so I asked if she was ok if I got in the hot tub or if she needed privacy? (just being nice) she said it was fine so I went and put on my swimming trunks and grabbed a few beers. I went up to my room to get ready as I was gonna go meet a friend for a movie, I walked to the guest room to let Laura know I was gonna be leaving and the door was closed, so I knocked, she said it was open and when I walked in she was wearing cute little pink short shorts, which hugged her nice bubble ass and a small tank top.

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