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#390637 - He then realized that his daughter and her friend where very much alike, a 4 feet, 9 inches in size, both looked like they were A cups, only difference seemed to be his daughter was a stunning brunette, and her friend was a natural, attractive blonde, his eyes now fixated in his daughter’s shorts that came out at the same time as her light blue cotton underwear, then it was time to strap her to the hanging device that had been waiting for weeks for someone to use it, next was that young blonde friend that had the bad luck of coming to his house, for a sleepover, she was more daring than his daughter, black laced underwear covered her intimate parts, and he made a misreading in the breast size, she was a B cup, and her nipples were as pink as his daughter, after the strapping, he proceeded to take away his clothes, he decided to leave his daughter’s cherry for dessert, that delicious blonde will have to leave, she will die after this night of pleasure and lust, he knew she could not be

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