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#248886 - Sally turned and looked at her son whose eyes were wide open like a crazed animal and she said, “Josh, what in tar nations are you doin’ to your MOMMY?!!” Josh slipped his cock back into her asshole quick, hard and aggressively, “Oh, be quite you whore and take your sons cock like the dirty slut you are!!!” Josh became real silent several minutes later and his strokes slowed and he finally pulled out of his mother and he grabbed her up and made her sit with her back against the wall and began to jerk off in front of her, “What are you up to Josh, whacha goin’ to do to me?” Josh smiled and said, “I’m going to finish inside your mouth. Sally was overjoyed at the news that her sister and her family would come to the plantation for a week. The next morning Josh woke in his mother’s bed.

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