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#88583 - We spent some time in the games room, Then when the rest of our new friends had gathered we done the same as the night before, we went to the village got some booze and then back to the same spot in the woods to get mad with it, The twins were from England and I struggled to understand their accent, but from what I could make out I liked both of them, they were hot and had the same nature, I could not work out which one was witch but they where used to that, They told us that even their Dad struggles sometimes to work out who is who, they said that he just looks at them raises his eye brows and tries his luck with a name,they have to tell him witch one of the twins they are if he gets it wrong, they told us some of the tricks they play on people, they had a great sense of humor and kept us laughing most of the night, I was now in love with both of them as well as Barry, fuck my poor cock would be getting a right abusing later that night, it was a good night we all got pretty out of our

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