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#68592 - . I had been forgotten about, his hands were on her tits and ass and she was removing his shirt, his chest was a mass of hair which I found surprising as Amanda always said that she hated body hair, she through the shirt onto the settee and started on his trouser belt he kicked off his shoes whist pulling her top over her head her still firm tits sprang into view and he lowered his head to suck on her nipples his trousers dropped to the floor and the outline of his hard cock could be seen in his boxers, Amanda’s hand plunged into the top of his shorts and fished out his half hard erection and pushed his shorts to his feet, she sank to her knees and gently coaxed his cock to full erection, he stepped out of his remaining clothes and turned to face me the smile still on his face “what do you think” he asked, I said nothing but it was a magnificent specimen about 9 inches long and very thick around his balls hung like two heavy plums in the hairiest bag I had ever seen. When 6pm came

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