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#249244 - Oetken? Please call me Emma, she replied, if we're going to be working together we might as well use each other's first names, don't you agree? Anyway, she continued, basically for the adventure, I can always use the money, but since Harry passed away last year, my life has been such a drag, and I just feel like breaking out of my shell! Okay, replied Tommy with enthusiasm, let's get started right now, let's just take some shots with your clothes on, just so you can get used to the camera, Tommy offered, and then we can go from there, all right, Emma? Sounds good to me, she shot back, let's do it!!! For the next half hour Tommy took over thirty snaps of Emma in various poses. Her vitals were 58yo, 5'5, 170lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, with measurements of 38DD-32-40. Her breast spilled out over the top of the cups, squished together, making her cleavage look even more impressive, and when her blouse was finally on the floor, Tom

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