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#7802 - Despite the fact that she was genuinely scared for her life Tracey once again couldn't help but get turned on by the very fact of being displayed naked as pure meat and to her shame she once again knew that she was wet and that her nipples were as hard as ever, even the one with the horrid tag through it! It seemed though that nobody was interested in buying a live girl, the few customers that did enter the department went straight to the cold meat counter and bought their sliced meat from Katie with hardly a look at the five naked girls on display a few feet away. “Yes we came in yesterday and saw a different sales girl, we're interested in buying this meat. Another hour passed and apart from a scrawny student giving her a few looks not much else happened until with a sudden sense of joy Tracey saw Emily approaching! Tracey couldn't believe it and almost wet herself with excitement right there! “Oh good your still here” Emily smiled, “I did wonder if I

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