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#245350 - &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& She found him waiting, crawling onto the bed beside as she began reverently kissing her young master's body, a man younger than her by a large margin. Take my seed, Ex-Taimanin slut! He roared as his thick seed began to paint the inside of Oboro's womb white with fertile sperm, his cum traveling up her tubes to breed her eggs as she came and came again, her face taking on an Ahegao expression as her master bred her with child, her tongue lolling from her month before it was grabbed by her master's mouth and replaced back into her own as her master passionately kissed her as he came. The more skilled taimanin he had under his control, the more status and power he would gain while also giving him added protection and more followers to his cause.

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