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#370755 - Thank god for such a nod, Your beauty blossoms so great, I can't but utter words past it I do remember one advice If you wish to court love Thus must be done in confidence As so I decided In all that I am unworthy Shall I feel worthy in my duty Now how shall I but make her twitch and writhe And oh my, this is well beyond I For she shakes all over Waving her knees, Now do I press my lips Deep into hers My hips tight on her Tickled by the frills of her cloth My chest so close I do feel Deep imbedded within it her nipples And through her silken lingerie. I can take it no more, I grab his head and thrust it into me. My dear wolfish hulk, Your mind is sick well with love For how much do you hump As I do cause you pain.

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