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#3638 - ! No point in trying to be nice, I wasn't in a nice mood nor did I want any crap so I took out my gun! You dumb fuck, you can't protect yourself! Get out or your going to be speaking in a high voice! That did it, hands out in front of him, he left in a hurry! OK, so what happened? I picked Tanya up, we came into the underfround parking, stopping by the elevators and wham, four guys jumped us! They took everything I had, beat both the driver and myself up and took Tanya! Ted was hurting not only from his own pain but also thinking about Tanya. The other tough guys looked at her in his arms and this was an angry group! Seven men in that filthy dump when we crashed through that door and from what I seen, every one of them had some bone broken. They all shook there heads and he run full blast at the door it busting in two pieces.

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