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#104461 - I tell Molly to go over the spanking bench as I pick up the small whip and I run my hands over her ass its nice so I swing the whip and hit her I her gasp so I swing and hit her again as her ass turns red. I stand to leave when I congratulate him and he says thank I told him that I wanted to make it but I got tied up in Asia on business. I grab her by the arm and tell her that she needs to show that she is sorry to Nat and she ask me who is that and I slap her when she falls I kick her and tell her to get her sorry ass up when she does I punch her in the face as she falls back Nat pushes her forward by hitting her in the back of the head she is crying and begging as I continue to beat her I tell her that she has one more chance and I might let her go when she turns to Nat she says that she is sorry and I slap her again as I tell her that it was the last time that she will ever see her again I look over and see that the sharks are done with their meal and are ready for another as I gi

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Shit i want every girl to do what they want when with me
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